contemporary art from the Faroe Islands

“The excitement of anticipation, though eventually fulfilled, is still preserved as a thrill deep within the blue chasm of memory.”

- William Heinesen, Laterna Magica, 1985

(Norsk versjon)

Hope, anticipation and storytelling are all concepts which remain central to the
exhibition Laterna Magica. Composed of the works of three leading artists from the Faroe
Islands – Astri Luihn with her lyrical elegance, Sigrun Gunnarsdóttid with her familial
symbolism and Edward Fuglø’s surreal pop-art – the exhibition observes the interplay of
their craft. Though they have very different expressions, their knowledge and experiences
are firmly rooted in the shared traditions of their country.

The title, Laterna Magica, refers to the title of Faroes author William Heinesen’s (1900-
1990), short-story collection. Together, the artists seek to evoke something almost
fantastical by prompting the imagination of the spectator to uncover as well as
criticises their connection to culture, nature and history.